• Couple/Marriage Counseling

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    Relationships take work!

    “All we do is fight about everything.”

    “I feel like we don’t trust each other anymore.”

    “I don’t feel heard and I have to keep repeating myself.”

    Reasons to start therapy

    • Difficulty communicating
    • Marital conflict
    • Arguing without resolving the issue
    • Loss of trust
    • Feeling like you are not on the same page anymore
    • Disagreement with parenting

    It takes time to create a loving and trusting relationship. Most disagreements happen due to communication issues or just not feeling connected to your partner. You have the same arguments over and over again without any resolution. The marriage is reaching a point where you just don’t know what to do to make it better anymore. Therapists are there to help you find the negative patterns in communication and thought hat are affecting the relationship. During therapy, you will learn how to communicate and meet each others needs so you can feel connected again. Couples therapy can help bring some peace to your relationship. You deserve to be happy and feel comfortable in your relationship.

    How can therapy help?

    • Improve communication
    • Increase trust
    • Conflict resolution
    • Agree on parenting
    • Becoming partners on the same team

    Confidentiality with couples

    Counseling with couples is different because the client is identified as the couple. This means that as your counselor I am an ally for your relationship so I will help you reach a point where you are feeling comfortable together. I do not believe in keeping secrets because I cannot be an ally for the relationship if I am keeping vital information from each other. However, if one partner tells me something that is important for the other partner to know then I will help them find the best way to tell their partner the vital information. I want the relationship to succeed and I believe that if we work as a team then we can make that happen so you can get back on track to having a happy and fulfilling life as a couple.