• Adolescent/Teen Counseling

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    It is difficult to be a teenager!

    “My parents don’t understand me and I feel like I have no choice in my life.”

    “I have to be perfect. I have to do well in school and I always have to look my best. I am anxious all the time.”

    “I hate going to school because there are too many people and I worry about what people think about me”

    Reasons to start teen therapy

    • Depression
    • Anxiety
    • Low self-esteem or low confidence
    • Hard time making friends
    • Struggling in school
    • Negative thoughts
    • Negative self image

    You want to be more independent, but your parents still see you as their child so they constantly want to protect you. You argue with your parents because you want them to see that you can make your own decisions, but every argument makes things worse at home. Therapists are there to help you process your feelings, but also learn how to communicate with your parents so that you can start understanding each other. Or maybe you have an amazing relationship with your parents, but things at school are too stressful. You are anxious all the time because you worry about your ability to do well in school so that your can get into the right college or you want to fit in with your peers. There are several social pressures to look a certain way or like certain activities so you worry that people might not like you if you don’t agree with their likes/dislikes. These worries can cause anxiety and/or depression as you feel isolated or different from everyone else. Keeping these feelings a secret creates an environment that amplifies the feelings of anxiety and depression. Talking to a therapist that understands you and can provide the tools you need to overcome depression, anxiety, and stressful situations can set you for success in life!

    How can adolescent therapy help me?

    • Improve self esteem and confidence
    • Coping skills for anxiety and depression
    • Improve communication skills with parents and friends
    • Reduce self harming behaviors
    • Increase positive relationships with friends
    • Improve grades in school

    Confidentiality with teens

    I understand that as a teen you are worried about your ability to trust your counselor. You feel like there is no point in talking to a counselor because they will tell your parents everything you say. As a teenager, I understand that you need privacy to talk about your issues so the trust between us is of great importance. As a counselor, I keep what you tell me between us unless there is a safety issue for yourself or another person. If you tell me something that I believe your parents need to know then we will discuss how to tell your parents in a way that you feel comfortable. Your trust, safety, and privacy are important to your counselor!

    Call or email me to hear more about how I can help you! You can also set up an appointment online!