• FAQs

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    When to seek counseling?

    Counseling is useful for everyone as it teaches us new ways to think and new ways to cope with difficult situations. Counseling is not for the people that are crazy, but it is for the people that are having a difficult time managing what life is throwing their way.

    1. When your feelings of sadness, anxiety, stress, anger affect your ability to go to work, form relationships, or keep up with your responsibilities.

    2. Having trouble sleeping and concentrating because your mind is constantly thinking about your worries or you cannot relax.

    3. You feel sad, anxious, mad, or frightened on most days almost all day, which could be causing for you to feel hopeless.

    4. You need someone to talk to in a safe and private place about current needs in your life such as wanting a job change or having a conflict with friends or family.

    How can counseling help me?

    Counseling provides a safe and comfortable place where you can open up about feelings and thoughts that you have not felt comfortable talking about in the past. The counselor is a neutral person that helps you make your own decisions while helping you see all your options. You learn the skills that help you manage your emotions so they do not take over your life. Counseling can be as structured or as open as you need it to be to help you reach your goals with the guidance of a professional counselor.

    How long will I need counseling?

    The length of time in counseling depends on each individual. In general, the first few weeks you come to counseling once a week as you start to process and work through your difficulties and learn how to manage them. Most clients then choose to switch to every other week or once a month as you practice the new tools learned in counseling. I have seen clients anywhere from 3 months to over a year depending on what is going on. Sometimes you come into counseling due to having depression then it changes to needing help due to family issues. Counseling is flexible to fit in with what you need in that moment.

    Do you take insurance?

    I do not take insurance for a few reasons. Insurance can sometimes help make counseling affordable, but it can also cause it to be unattainable. Insurance companies can set a limit on the number of sessions you can have based on your diagnosis thus reducing you ability to complete the treatment you started. Sometimes there is also a high copay especially if you have not met your deductible yet. Using a clinician that is on your insurance also limits your choice of provider in the area. By paying privately for counseling then you have more power over your treatment as you can choose your provider, choose the type of treatment you receive, and the length of time in treatment.

    Can I afford counseling without insurance?

    Yes!!! Counseling is affordable without insurance. One way that can help make counseling affordable is by providing you with a “superbill” that you can submit to your insurance to get a reimbursement or to apply it your deductible. Using a health savings account card is another way to pay for counseling and it is pre-tax.